Beauty & Boundaries with Special Kids

“While your light absolutely impacts hers, your child is (wait for it) NOT YOU. She is her own little or big person. She is responsible for her own light. Can you support her brilliance? Absolutely. Is it entirely up to you? Nope.”

We’ve had some beautiful homeschool moments these last few weeks, precious friends. We also had a day where I offered to drop my Wild one back off at school (ouch for both of us!).

It’s hard parenting a high-anxiety child with intrusive thoughts. Really hard. But God, in His infinite wisdom, has gifted me with the desire to become a better me. Let’s be honest… evolving as a parent… erasing the imprints that life has placed upon us – one’s that we absolutely do not want to pass on… it takes so much work!

I promise it’s worth it though. My mommy-meltdowns are increasingly rare. And when I ask for forgiveness, I believe it encourages my children to do the same. We are all growing into more empathetic, compassionate humans here. Humans with healthy boundaries.

I wrote about boundaries this week HERE. I hope that you enjoy.

Cheering you on. Praying for you. Hoping for a little bit of Heaven on earth in your world. Always.


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